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Greg Rutter

Creative director and brand consultant based in Portland, OR. I started as a contributor to The Onion and was a brief internet celebrity with my viral website You Should Have Seen This before I joined Wieden+Kennedy, where I won an Emmy⭐️award and met my wife😍


I helped to establish Google's Brand Studio team in Portland in 2016 and lead the development of creative materials across the brand's key platforms including the development of content franchises, reimagining their social presence, and launching Google into the age of generative AI with Bard and Gemini.


In between all that I hiked 700 miles across Spain, started a tour company and swam in parts of the Great Barrier Reef no human had ever been before.


Despite my incredible physical strength I'm very popular, with lots of friends who invite me to parties all the time and we laugh and laugh.

I am often full, but rarely satisfied.

Please, get in touch with me.

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