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"year in search magazine"

Year In Search Magazine is a limited-edition publication created in partnership with Pop-Up Magazine that goes deeper into the stories behind the trends in Google searches that shaped 2021. Each of the 51 contributors such as Patrice Peck and Christine Sun Kim brought their unique perspectives and original art to 17 different articles on topics ranging from mental health in the Black community, making more sustainable choices, tributes to accessibility icons and finding healthy twists on traditional cooking. The cover design by Armando Veve helped to capture a complex time with an intricately detailed look at the search for healing, and artists such as Camilo Huinca and Basil Kincaid provided original artworks to accompany the stories. The limited run was timed to be included in Sunday editions of publications including the New York Times and the Washington Post to coincide with the launch of the 2021 Year In Search online experience to provide a more in depth look at what the world was searching for and what that tells us about the world.

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