Greg Rutter - Writer

"If you were looking for a curator of web experiences, what would you look for? A clever advertising copy writer who is immersed in media all day? A contributor for The Onion, or perhaps an editor of Tumblr’s #LOL board? Sounds like Greg Rutter."
-Forbes (no seriously, Forbes!)

Hello, I'm Greg Rutter and I do neat stuff.

Like what? Well for one I'm currently working at Wieden + Kennedy. Before that I worked for Google Creative Lab and at Wieden + Kennedy's office in New York and Portland on Dodge, Chrysler, Old Spice and Delta but I do lots of other stuff there including being friends with everyone and also lifting a lot of weights.

I've also won an Emmy, so now my obituary will some day read "Emmy Award winner Greg Rutter was killed in a horrible steak accident."

I'm a former contributor for The Onion, a former editor of Tumblr's #LOL board and a vague Internet celebrity.

If you like clicking things to get to know people check out my photoblog, my blog or my Instagram. Better yet, why don't you follow all of them.

Or send me an email, dummy!